Osprey: Connecting land and marine.

Our Story

The Osprey story is one of continued development spearheaded by owners with a strong passion for marine and heavy cargo transport.

Founded in 1995, Osprey initially managed Port Operations for a number of first class ship-owners. Our founding Directors had engineering, seagoing and shipbroking backgrounds and the interest in transporting large engineered goods built steadily.

The ship owners we represented could not always transport heavy abnormal loads, so we formed a Specialist Projects Chartering team to provide alternative services to local engineering companies. This led to steady expansion beyond the port operations environment, adding specialist chartering to our services.

Through our understanding of port operations and an ability to technically match cargoes with the correct vessels, we were able to get jobs completed effectively and in a timely manner. We established a reputation for the use of modern equipment and developing relationships with both shippers and vessel owners.

It became apparent that the engineering sector required a broader service so we expanded further to include road transport, load outs and management of overseas delivery operations. We developed innovative logistical transport solutions, working on modular concepts with consideration of final installation. These operations have taken Osprey to many areas of the world, allowing us to develop an extensive and reliable set of heavy transport operations.

Acquisition and Expansion

Osprey expanded from its original base in Bristol by opening an office in Newcastle to be closer to the heavy industries of the North and Scotland. The acquisition of North East Contract Services Ltd followed, providing Osprey with an enhanced marine technical department and marine personnel to operate equipment.

Ship & Barge Owners

There was little large cargo barge ownership in the UK when Osprey first started so we usually had to mobilise a tug & barge from overseas for our clients. It was therefore a natural progression to purchase a barge to operate in the UK. We are now the largest cargo barge owner and operator in the UK.

As Osprey developed we only chartered ships for cargo we were contracted to move, so it again made sense to become a ship owner and use our own ships to move the project cargo.

Developing as a owner and operator of marine vessels means Osprey can provide not just access to equipment but detailed knowledge of operations and management which greatly benefits our clients and their projects.

Crane & Land Transport

As with the marine business there has been a progressive development on land based services. For years Osprey engineered lifts and hired in cranes for the operation, but to ensure we have the heavy cranes required for our projects we have purchased our own assets and now act as a heavy crane operator.

The same progression has come with other specialist transport equipment such as Self Propelled Modular Trailers – SPMTs which has allowed us to develop the wide range of services we now offer.

Our Future …..

Osprey has over 20 years of experience and we continue to build on our firm foundations and retain our focus of providing a range of land and marine heavy lifting and transportation services. The group continues to develop and invest and is committed to providing logistics solutions to the UKs engineering and infrastructure sectors.

Osprey Heavy Lift has been formed as a joint venture with our long-term partner, Allelys Heavy Haulage. We jointly operate the largest UK based SPMT fleet and provide comprehensive installation services to complement our marine & land transport services.

These developments ensure we are well placed to support the forthcoming UK Infrastructure and Power projects and continue to be a reliable and capable supplier to the industry.

Osprey remains an owner-managed business, able to respond quickly to the needs of our clients and with the financial strength to make key investment decisions. We are very proud of the trust our clients place in us.

Osprey: Connecting land and marine.

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