Case Study

Catamaran Lift and Relocation

Wight Shipyard Company called upon the multi modal services of Osprey Heavy Lift to relocate a number of Twin City Liner Catamarans from their fabrication shed into the River Medina ready for sea trials.

Catamaran Lift Using Osprey Heavy Mobile Crane

The key challenge of this project was encountered before we left our depot. To ensure compliance with the gross vehicle weight restrictions on the ferry to the Isle of Wight each crane required a full strip down resulting in the need for additional support vehicles and additional time planned into the programme for the re-build on site.

During our first visit SPMTs were used to relocate a 112te vessel (Red Jet 7) from the fabrication shed to the nearby quay where 2 of Ospreys heavy mobile cranes, LTM1800 and LG1550, were used to tandem lift the catamaran from the transport into the water. The project was delivered on time and within budget constraints much to the satisfaction of our customer. The professional service delivered by the Osprey team helped gain the trust of our customer and secure additional orders for future work.
Our subsequent return to the Isle of Wight some months later required the relocation and lifting of a smaller 72te catamaran. Although this vessel was a lot lighter than the Red Jet 7, the location of the lift points still suggested a tandem lift solution. However, working closely with our client and the lifting beam manufacturer, our heavy lift professionals successfully engineered a bespoke lifting arrangement that allowed the work to be carried out by a single crane saving both time and money.

“A brilliant job once again from a well organized and motivated customer orientated team, we are in no doubt we are working with the best in the business.”

Jack Rushton -
  • Catamaran Lift Using Osprey Heavy Mobile Crane


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