Cargo Management

In the port environment your cargo is lifted and moved just as it would be at site so it needs to be well managed by professionals who are trained and experienced.

The shipping revolution of containerisation has brought many benefits, reducing both transit times and costs, but what happens when your cargo is too big to fit into one. That is when alternative handling solutions are required and when you discover that these alternative skills are now quite rare and specialised.

Osprey has developed these out of gauge (non containerised) cargo handling skills over 25 years. This includes lifting and rigging with trained qualified supervisors, lashing and securing including engineering and design combined with road transport to/from the port.

Osprey is also a UK Customs Broker and we undertake both export and import entries in the UK and Europe.

For large construction projects our services include set up and management of tran-shipment facilities and marshalling ports.

Other Marine Services