Heavy Mobile Cranes

With some of the heaviest mobile cranes currently operating in the UK, Osprey offer a range of heavy lifting solutions ranging from standard CPA crane hire to fully engineered contract lift services.

Contract Lift Service

Our highly experienced team of industry professionals will engineer and manage a project specific lifting solution. From initial enquiry and site inspection through to engineering, lift calculation and solution presentation the Osprey Heavy Lift team will consider the operation from every angle ensuring a safe, value added and considered project conclusion. Osprey Heavy Lift can also guide the client through the maze of permissions and authority liaisons required to execute heavy lifting operations in today’s complex operating environment.

CPA Hire

The following heavy mobile cranes are available under standard CPA hire conditions:

LTM1800 – 800te Telescopic Mobile Crane Download Data Sheet

The LTM 1800 is a proven heavy lifting mobile telescopic crane with a main boom length of 60 meters. Up to 160te of counterweight can be fitted to the superstructure, as well as up to 91 meters of luffing fly jib. With the added benefit of a ‘quick release’ slew ring the upper works can be removed and transported to site by low loader to bring axle loadings down to a class leading minimum; ideal for projects where access is weight limited or for transport by ferry to the smaller islands around the UK.

LTM1800D – 1,000te Telescopic Mobile Crane Download Data Sheet

By fitting the derrick and super lift attachment to the LTM 1800 the lifting duties are raised to 1000te rated capacity. The derrick (or back mast) can be fitted alone to give a strengthened telescopic boom, or in combination with 200te of super lift counter weight to enable the LTM1800 to really punch above it’s weight. To give you an idea of its capabilities, the LTM1800 without the derrick and super lift can lift 107te at 14m with a 60m main boom. As the LTM1800D the crane will lift 134te.

LG1550 – 550te Lattice Boom Truck Mounted Crane Download Data Sheet

The LG1550 operates on an identical chassis to the LTM1800 chassis. There are many jib configurations available, from 98m of main boom to a combination of 77m of main boom and 84m of luffing fly jib. Ballast configurations are available up to 160te carrier counterweight and 250te of super lift. At our 14 meter radius and 56m of strut jib with full ballast and super lift the LG1550 will lift 224te. The LG1550 may be rated at a lesser capacity than the LTM1800D but can lift more at given radius due to the extra strength of the strut jib.

LG1750 – 750te Lattice Boom Truck Mounted Crane Download Data Sheet

The LG1750 lattice boom mobile crane has the flexibility of a 750t crawler crane combined with the mobility of a high speed mobile crane. The LG1750 is one of the largest mobile cranes in the UK, and these machines have proved their capabilities time and time again on major projects across the globe. The LG1750 is designed to cope with heavy loads not only at close radius but also at reach. With numerous jib and ballast configurations (up to 147m main boom and 400te of super lift) and rigging advantages over comparable machines the LG1750 is flexible despite it’s size. At 14m radius, full ballast, 400te of super lift and 56m main boom the LG 1750 will lift 400te.

  • crane10-lg-1750
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