Road Transport

Osprey is proud to have the UK’s largest Heavy Transport Company, Allelys Heavy Haulage Ltd, as our road haulage partner. It is a partnership that means we combine the UKs best Heavy Transport with the best Marine Services and remove many interfaces for our clients with a through service & combined project teams all in a single contract.

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Allelys operate a wide fleet specialised trailers,tractor units and dedicated Heavy & General Transport Teams, ensures that yjey have the equipment and experience to cover the largest of road transport projects.

The heavy fleet of vehicles includes:

  • Semi-Low Loaders (3-5 axles including extendable)
  • Beam Trailers
  • Wafer Decks
  • Vessel deck trailers.
  • Multi-Axle Hydraulic Modular Trailer Systems
  • Girder frame trailers comprising 500t, 400t and 200t public road carrying capacities.

The Abnormal & Indivisible Load Specialists Service includes:

  • Route Surveys and Feasibility Studies including Swept Path Analysis.
  • Bridging and load spreading systems.
  • Pilot Cars for the safe and compliant abnormal load transportation
  • Route Surveys
  • Nationwide Coverage with Code of Practice (COP) Pilot Cars
  • Liaison with Police Escorts (as and where required)
  • BE16 Special Order & VR1 Permits Managed

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