SPMT Installations

Heavy duty highly manoeuvrable and versatile.

Self-Propelled Modular Transporters are a combination of different modules with multiple axle lines. Each module can be fitted with its own engine and control (steering) system. The modules can be connected side-by-side, end to end to make very large trailers or work in synchronised multiples. Due to the many combinations SPMTs can lift and move virtually every heavy load.

With 360 degree steering of the wheels, precision carrousel and sideways movement is undertaken, perfect for site and installation work…

Trailer deck height can hydraulically be adjusted for vertical lifting or lowering of the load. These trailers are mainly used for on-site transportation over limited distances.

If you have any SPMT requirements for your project please contact us today.

  • SPMT Bridge Installation Kegworth
  • Bridge Section Installation
  • SPMT in Operation Kegworth
  • Brindle Chapel Rail Bridge Replaced with SPMTs
  • Brindle Chapel Rail Bridge Replaced with SPMTs
  • SPMT Bridge Relocation
  • SPMT Bridge Replacement
  • SPMT Move Bridge

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