Cable Logistics

Osprey provides full logistic packages for offshore & onshore cable projects utilising our large range of marine and land equipment. We use our knowledge, experience and project management skills to set up the right logistics package for every project.

We can offer:

  • Cable Transportation
  • Cable Drum Shipment
  • Short-term Storage
  • Long-term Storage
  • Equipment Hire
  • Turnkey Specialist Projects


Cable Transportation

The transportation of heavy cable reels and drums differs to that of standard logistics. Cargo loading must be precisely planned, the correct vessels and ports must be located and timescales strict adhered to.

We offer expert logistics planning and execution. Utilising a range of assets including cable baskets, quadrants and our 5,500te carousel Osprey can facilitate the transportation of small or large volumes of cable. This includes factory collection and delivery to installation vessel utilising vessel-to-vessel transfer. Osprey’s in-house engineers perform vessel/barge selection and take responsibility for any conversion or installation requirements to ensure the most cost effective transport solution for your projects.

Often contractors specialise in one element of cable transportation and using more than one contractor can increase the potential risks of project failure. Our unique blend of marine and heavy lift experience and capability is ideally suited for cable transport projects where these disciplines are combined to create a cost-effective turnkey solution for our clients.


Array Cable Transportation on Osprey barge

Cable Drum Logistics

Osprey also offers an integrated service for the delivery of reels from factory to pull-in location including temporary storage solutions. This involves collection of drums from factory, shipment to near-project ports, temporary storage and just-in-time delivery to the field for pull-in operations. Particularly aimed at onshore power connectors and beach to substation sections of inter-connectors and export cables, this service reduces interface risk and schedule risk for our clients.


Cable road transportation

Short-term Storage

Our solutions for both onshore and floating cable storage for short-term projects (1 week to 2 years). The fast-changing environment of offshore projects often results in last-minute cable storage requirements in addition to those planned in the original project schedule. Our short-term solutions can be tailored for the size and location of your project. Osprey can facilitate coil-able and non coil-able cable storage either at an Osprey facility or a third-party facility in a remote locality. Storage can be in a carousel, basket or rotating tank depending on the project and all volumes can be accommodated.


Long-term Storage

Osprey offers long-term storage solutions for O&M operations of spare and contingency cables. Osprey’s long-term solutions offer both indoor and external storage for both the cables, associated accessories and CPS. In addition to our partnership locations in the UK and Netherlands we can also offer remote long-term storage for projects outside of Europe.


Cable Storage

Equipment Hire

Alongside our carousel Osprey can facilitate the supply of a range of offshore cable handling equipment to support operations. This can be a combination package from our partners to ensure a turnkey solution for projects whilst minimising interface risk. The equipment can be provided with a mixture of trained operators and supporting labour to provide a complete project solution.

  • Reel on Ganrtry and SPMT
  • Reel on SPMT
  • Carousel with pipe
  • Carousel Filling with pipe
  • Carousel on barge
  • Reel on vessel

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