Cable Logistics

Osprey provides full logistic packages for offshore & onshore cable projects utilising our large range of marine and land equipment. We use our knowledge, experience and project management skills to set up the right logistics package for every project.

Offshore Cabling Transport & Storage Carousel Barge

With our 5,500 Tonne capacity carousel, which is fitted to one of our barges, we can load at the factory, provide storage and then deliver when the Installation Vessel is ready. We can also provide vessel-to-vessel transfer of cabling if necessary.

Offshore Reels

We have developed a 400 Tonne capacity Reel Transporter, allowing us to provide a full logistical package from factory to a mobilisation port, including storage and reloading to vessel.

    • Self-Load to trailer with our bespoke Reel Transporter – removes the need for cranes in the storage yard
    • Transport by SPMT

UK Road Moves with largest capacity equipment in the UK

  • Load to vessel using our Heavy Cranes
  • Provide Transport vessels, ships and barges.
  • Undertake seafastening calculations to IMO & DNV Standards
  • Lash & Secure cargo for sea voyage

Onshore Reels – Full Logistics Service from Factory to site

  • Collect reels from any factory worldwide
  • Transport to Europe and set up storage facilities
  • Undertake customs formalities
  • Undertake all material handling at the store
  • Directly feed reels to site as called forward
  • Use reel carriers allowing cable to be pulled direct from trailer
  • Reel on Ganrtry and SPMT
  • Reel on SPMT
  • Carousel with pipe
  • Carousel Filling with pipe
  • Carousel on barge
  • Reel on vessel

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