Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry requires specialist logistics services from teams with experience and a successful track record. Each trade has its own specialist requirements.

At Osprey we have a wealth of experience with heavy industry and we see our clients as long-term partners, working together to be jointly successful.

Osprey has been supporting the UK shipbuilding with specialist services for 15 years, transporting sections of over 1,000 tonnes to enable modular construction of ships and offshore structures. The export of specialist heavy castings from Sheffield and the import of the latest hybrid locomotives are just two further examples of our day-to-day business.

The depth of knowledge to be able to plan, design and deliver a multi-mode logistic solution, together with providing the right equipment and staff to perform complex multiple transports, is what makes Osprey such a strong partner.

    • Road moves with largest capacity equipment in UK
    • Load to vessel using Heavy Crane
    • Load by RORO including all engineering
    • Provide transport vessels, ships and barges.
    • Undertake sea fastening calculations to IMO & DNV Standards
    • Design sea fastening, Lash & Secure cargo for sea voyage
    • Delivery experience around the world supporting UK exports
    • Site transport by SPMT
    • Installation services


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