Modular Construction

To develop a modular build strategy there needs to be confidence around the transport constraints and installation. Ospreys engineered multi-mode transport and installation provide this confidence, from feasibility to project execution.

Ospreys service manages inbound supply chains, including those from outside the UK, delivering the largest of structures to your construction site when the construction team need them.

Feasibility & Planning Stage

  • Technical and commercial Logistic Plans
  • Advanced route studies, swept path analysis and structure analysis.
  • Over bridging and systems and temporary works assessments
  • Offsite temporary import storage facilities
  • Customs management

Site Services

  • Heavy Cranes & contract lifting services
  • Skidding and Skating
  • Jacking systems
  • Strand Jack Installation
  • Hydraulic Lift Systems
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers for site transport

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