Marine Renewables

Osprey has a wealth of experience working in the offshore wind industry and we have worked on a number of wind industry projects.  We have also transported many tidal and wave generators from fabrication to installation site.

Offshore Wind Osprey is the only British operator that has transported every large component that goes into constructing an offshore wind farm including; wind turbines, blades, nacelles, towers (we pioneered vertical shipping), transition pieces, jacket and monopile foundations, subsea cables and met masts. We have also delivered transformers and heavy electrical items for the land based substation and deliver the whole 1,000 plus tonne offshore substations to the field.

Wave & Tidal The Marine Renewables Industry continues to develop and we strive to support clients by utilising our marine & land based equipment alongside our engineering, design, and project management services.

Osprey has successfully undertaken the contract to transport and install on the seabed a wave energy converter device weighing 1,200 tonnes, including subsea grouting. Tidal generators are loaded out from fabrication sites and transported to offshore instillation sites.

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