Osprey has been delivering large and critical high value units to the UK’s current nuclear power stations for over a decade and is positioned to be fully involved in new nuclear builds.

Having been engaged with new nuclear build projects for over 6 years, Osprey has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of logistic behind AIL deliveries to these largest of construction projects.

UK Nuclear Power plants are built next to the sea and so it is logical to use water based delivery of the major components rather than disrupting local people on the land. This is when Osprey’s multi modal delivery is required, we have systems for delivering all major components of the power station and for modularisation of the infrastructure.

Planning Stage

  • Technical and commercial Logistic Plans
  • Advanced route studies, swept path analysis and structure analysis.
  • Muster Port assessment
  • Offsite temporary import storage facilities
  • Customs management

Contractor Services for AILs

  • Muster Port Management
  • Waterborne Delivery to site laydown
  • RORO & Site Transport Specialists
  • Site Installation
  • Heavy Cranes & contract lifting services
  • Skidding and Skating
  • Jacking systems
  • Strand Jack Installation
  • Hydraulic Lift Systems
  • Self-Propelled Modular Trailers for site transport

We recently safely completed the first barge delivery for Hinkley Point C for two huge Tunnel Boring Machines via a full solution delivery using our fleet of heavy mobile cranes, barges and Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT).

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